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Braun Beard Trimmer Bt5050

Are you hunting for a slimmed down beard just need a trim? Search no more than the Braun beard trimmer bt5050! This detachable extends 5418 attachments so you can get an enticing look for your beard without having to.

Beard Trimmer Settings

The Braun beard trimmer Bt5050 is a detachable trimmer that presents an 5418 w 2 it can be used to trim beard hair or to presidency growth, the trimmer is fabricated of plastic and offers a black finish. It is lightweight and facile to use, the Braun beard trimmer is a beneficial substitute to keep your beard digging hectic and results-oriented. It provides a detachable trituration that makes it basic to adopt and can handle a lot of hair, the Braun beard trimmer can be used to trimmer down the sides or a full beard, up the top, or all around the head. It grants an easy-to-use detachable sheath and a light, slim design that makes it effortless to carry, it extends an 5418 w 2 attachments and is fabricated of durable materials. The Braun beard trimmer Bt5050 is a beneficial surrogate for men who yearn to keep their beard clean and healthy, it is available in black or white and presents a detachable trim that can be used for short or long beard hair.